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Mask House is a leading pioneer in designer beauty products from Korea. We develop advanced skincare formulas, incorporating cutting edge research and technology in state-of-the-art facilities known for precision manufacturing. Through our continuous innovation, we are at the forefront of non-surgical beauty enhancements, having developed over 100 kinds masks and dozens of other health and beauty supplements to date. Our products are recognized and distributed worldwide and have won several international awards in the highly competitive Asian beauty markets.



Awards and Recognition



2010, 2013

TVB, the largest Chinese language television network in the world, awarded Mask House for being their "Most Professional Korean Mask Brand" and their overall "Most Popular Brand" award. Virginia Lok, an Associate Director of TVB, and Nat Chan, one of their celebrity anchorwomen, presented the awards personally.




Mask House won Mannings Health & Beauty Awards. It also was voted by customers as one of their favorite fitness brands, winning the award for most popular mask product. Winners were selected by Mannings (personal health, beauty, and pharmacy specialists) shoppers and verified by the Independent Market Study Institution of Society Research Center, Hong Kong University.



One of the newest lines of products, the Celebrity series of serums, won the Jessica Best Seller Award for 2013.